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He will be. I am really annoyed however that Oda made him exhausted over nothing basically. AND Oda will also make Luffy recover off-screen during flashback.

Which begs the question, what was the purpose of exhausting him instead of going straight for the flashback ...

There surely is a better way of story telling.
We all know Oda wants a panel of Luffy saving Bonney last minute

World Strongest level stuff. He doesn't even need to move, no one can easily close distance & he has the best AoE game in the verse too.
Even if you get up close, he is among the 0.1% in the verse by mastering a Supreme Grade blade & imbuing it with Quakes/Skysplitting CoC.

Yes, this is a good idea.

Only point is Kaidou is a known Oni & Queen was thin before & he looked different.

The brother just has too many fat flabs for a jawline too xDD.
Yeah Primebeard should have been unbeatable, if not for Imu. He has no weakpoints and in super op in every situation.
Only abilites that might be too powerful could be or prolly are high end Nika techs and Kaido's flame dragon torch. Those would be tough for me to rationalize.

And damn that Queen Sbs picture got me good. Totally forgot about it. He was always the one that I had the most trouble to fit into the pattern.

And yeah primarily an Oni. But take a look at P1 and Ulti and his own daugther Yamato.
Either Onis are aswell on roids naturally similar to Buccaneers or they all are half breeds and Kaido got them buccaneer genes, whereas they are half human or some.

And bro, Kuma's dad seems to be the ceo of giga chad chins. WB is so going to be a buccaneer
I would say that we shouldn´t rush things because of a promo anime imagine, in the manga the sword was clear black shade like hardening, in the middle white, a black sword. Colored version should give us more information on that.
Maybe he has it or not.

About Kizaru, he is clearly not down, he will comeback and fight all for once again vs Luffy or others.
Awakened Kizaru is coming, I feel it.

Still one thing is clear for me, Kaido endurance feats and overall feats, it will be hard to top that.
Honest opinion, Luffy is still weaker than Kaido, im sure 100% Kaido vs 100% Luffy right now would end with Luffy lose.
Zoro vs kizaru
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