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I believe Egghead has been one of the best arcs for the Admirals and I'm not joking. Everything post Ryokugyu clowning was peak for us.

- Ryokugyu capturing Weevil
- Old Rayleigh clowning Blackbeard
- Blackbeard apologising to Kuzan
- Kuzan fighting Garp and taking his punches
- Fuji and Ryo being cleared off Rev allegations
- Oda confirming that Admirals can't attack Yonkou without permission in amazon lily

And now this chapter takes Shanks's greatest feat away which was stopping MF by force.

This small setback won't mean much in the grand scheme. Everyone is riding the bandwagon and Gorosei train is in trend now. We now will know all the more who the real supporters are.

So yeah. Trust in the old bozo Oda remains from my side.
Cope more
Rayleigh never clowned Teach, they didn't even fight
Rayleigh admitted inferiority

Teach apologising to Kuzan counts to not kill his men but Kizaru appogisijg in defeat doesn't? Lol


Yeah due do to his own Devil Fruit and not a Kizaru attack, he is down to his gear as literally every other fight he had using Gear4+ in the New World.
Try again.
Lol is Kizaru down?
Who's in worst condition here? Kizaru or Luffy.
Try again lmao.
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The guy can't take a simple punch, why the hell would Luffy need anything close to Bajrang? This must be trolling lmao

That with Kizaru literally running away the entire fight.
Kizaru just isn't concerned about Luffy lol.
His mission was to kill Vegapunk not Luffy.
I would say that we shouldn´t rush things because of a promo anime imagine, in the manga the sword was clear black shade like hardening, in the middle white, a black sword. Colored version should give us more information on that.
Maybe he has it or not.

About Kizaru, he is clearly not down, he will comeback and fight all for once again vs Luffy or others.
Awakened Kizaru is coming, I feel it.

Still one thing is clear for me, Kaido endurance feats and overall feats, it will be hard to top that.
Honest opinion, Luffy is still weaker than Kaido, im sure 100% Kaido vs 100% Luffy right now would end with Luffy lose.
Defintion of loss
You need to Comeback and fight again later

Kizaru is down for now
Awakened Kizaru is just dreams for now
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