Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Next chapter Kuma comes to save Bonney at the last moment , but Saturn quickly throws another attack..... BUT ITS BLOCKED!!!!!
*The Air becomes cold... like breathing in Hell !!!! a mysterious figure speaks*
... : it seems the time has come to repay my debt..... Barthelomew Kuma !!!
Zoro : En Ou Santoryu ......
Saturn : this is bad , i must teleport away right now !!!
Zoro : Ougi... 900000000 BILLION FOLD WORLD !
Narrator : Hell Demon VS King of Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can Kizaru move? And do his job? No.
Luffy is getting back up in a chapter or two as he always does when his gears run up.
Yea, and Kizaru will stay down the rest of the arc, and Luffy that is unconscious will stand up right away.
If translation is true, Kizaru says "give me a moment" and Luffy was about to get killed. Luffy was an old man due to gear 5 multiple times but the was still able to move, he doesn't move this time.
Try again? I am not going to argue with kids, you ain't bodying anything lil bro.
If you think Luffy isnt getting up to save Bonney or do something to Saturn

Your agenda for Kizaru vs Luffy clouding your eyes

I think kizaru eill Comeback for round 2 to lose completely.
But I won't deny Luffy vs Saturn happening even if briefly
Everybody is calling him out for his blatant agenda.

Iirc he posted Saturn would do nothing until the end of the arc.

So he's already wrong there.
He will be. I am really annoyed however that Oda made him exhausted over nothing basically. AND Oda will also make Luffy recover off-screen during flashback.

Which begs the question, what was the purpose of exhausting him instead of going straight for the flashback ...

There surely is a better way of story telling.
Or its just cause Oda wants Luffy and Kizaru both out at the same time for obvious reasons. Feel like you guys know the answer to this....but just dance around it lol
Everybody is calling him out for his blatant agenda.

Iirc he posted Saturn would do nothing until the end of the arc.

So he's already wrong there.
I remember multiple people made this baseless claim that Saturn is there only to observe. Why would he be there only to observe, it never made any sense. Just as Saturn being weaker despite being higher rank made no sense. Imu obviously would have the most strongest by his side.
1 hit

Those other guys weren't out after 1 hit or almost KOed completely
Kizaru is shaking on the floor and can't move
Katakuri wasn't like that after g4 first hit, Doffy was wobbling though.
Welll yeah, but a Mucki Mucki strength + Brain rubberization + advCoC attack stack is also a lot more powerful than what they ever had to eat.
I was just saying that if those guys were nearly done by a handful of DR Boundman moves it comes to no surprise, that White star gun does this to a Kizaru.
Human durability only has a certain threshold
So Luffy, as it is clear.
I am not arguing Luffy isn't temporally down as well.

What I am saying is just manga facts this was Luffy when he punched Kizaru
Again Luffy is down due to himself and not a Kizaru attack, the guy was literally CLEAN before hitting Kizaru.

Kizaru being down AFTER ONE HIT, is a bad look for him no matter how you try to spin it. Kizaru is also the first character to go on cooldown along with Luffy when his Gears expired.

Luffy being down due to timelimit of a ability of his =/= Kizaru being down after being punched a single time.

Is it that hard to understand?
It doesn't matter if both are down, Luffy will get back up and will be able to use his ability all over again. If a single hit made Kizaru lose his legs and be unable to move, any Gatling technique is doing the trick next time.

Kizaru's hack (light speed) is what is keeping him on this fight, and that's fair. But it won't last long anyway.
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