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I remember multiple people made this baseless claim that Saturn is there only to observe. Why would he be there only to observe, it never made any sense. Just as Saturn being weaker despite being higher rank made no sense. Imu obviously would have the most strongest by his side.
From an meta perspective Saturn HAD to get involved.

But the real reason is, Saturn claimed he didn't want to get involved and wanted nobody to know he was there.

That was pretty clearly a red flag for Saturn getting involved.

But admiral friends...they don't understand red flags.
Yea, and Kizaru will stay down the rest of the arc, and Luffy that is unconscious will stand up right away.
If translation is true, Kizaru says "give me a moment" and Luffy was about to get killed. Luffy was an old man due to gear 5 multiple times but the was still able to move, he doesn't move this time.
Try again? I am not going to argue with kids, you ain't bodying anything lil bro.
Brother I am not saying Kizaru won't be able to move, all I am saying is Kizaru is rocked and lost his legs due to a punch.
Luffy is oldman because of his own Devil Fruit, I won't be discussing this any further.
If you can't get the difference that's on you.

And doubting Luffy will comeback after a Gear run out? I wouldn't do that lmao.
This is Luffy right before hitting Kizaru

Clearly on his last legs.
Everybody is calling him out for his blatant agenda.

Iirc he posted Saturn would do nothing until the end of the arc.

So he's already wrong there.
Talk about me you can tag me, dont be a bitch. And for the record, you are talking to @JoNdule, the biggest hypocrite on this forum, quick to accuse people of agenda then spouts his own

And nope, I have repeated myself ad nauseum that once he makes his move he will be a looming threat, example 1:

See but your last point suggests then thats not Luffy's actual fight lol. Imo, Oda may be going for broken scaling here. Kizaru may be the overaching antagonist this arc, while Saturn is the looming threat they have to escape from.

Think Lucci, then the Buster Call with Aokiji. In this case its Kizaru, and Saturn is there to achieve a mission.

Idk, either way Im happy, but I think Kizaru is far more apt to fighting against Luffy than Zoro. Just imo though
I think Luffy turns old whenever he uses gigantification in G5, the only time we didn't see him turn old was after defeating Kaido which coincidentally is also the only time he didn't use gigantification, unless you count Bajrang Gun as such but eh.
This would honestly make a loooot of sense. High risk high reward. Cause all out ggn giant should be some god level shit. It imitating Snakeman moves for example should be one the ban list
I am not arguing Luffy isn't temporally down as well.

What I am saying is just manga facts this was Luffy when he punched Kizaru
Again Luffy is down due to himself and not a Kizaru attack, the guy was literally CLEAN before hitting Kizaru.

Kizaru being down AFTER ONE HIT, is a bad look for him no matter how you try to spin it. Kizaru is also the first character to go on cooldown along with Luffy when his Gears expired.

Luffy being down due to timelimit of a ability of his =/= Kizaru being down after being punched a single time.

Is it that hard to understand?
It doesn't matter if both are down, Luffy will get back up and will be able to use his ability all over again. If a single hit made Kizaru lose his legs and be unable to move, any Gatling technique is doing the trick next time.

Kizaru's hack (light speed) is what is keeping him on this fight, and that's fair. But it won't last long anyway.
Kizaru received one of the strongest G5 attacks at the head while not as his best (which will be Awakened, I presume). In the meantime, Luffy was also as we saw him.

It is bad? Maybe, but I don't think any character will be better than Kaido in taking hits (for obvious reasons) and I think the same could have happened to every "human" to tier hit at the head not at his best.

Also, I never had Kizaru as the "tank type", even among human top tiers.
I think the real fight will be after the FB.

But yes, if someone really had an agenda like "Kizaru is as good as Kaido in endurance" then it's dead.
I would say that we shouldn´t rush things because of a promo anime imagine, in the manga the sword was clear black shade like hardening, in the middle white, a black sword. Colored version should give us more information on that.
Maybe he has it or not.

About Kizaru, he is clearly not down, he will comeback and fight all for once again vs Luffy or others.
Awakened Kizaru is coming, I feel it.

Still one thing is clear for me, Kaido endurance feats and overall feats, it will be hard to top that.
Honest opinion, Luffy is still weaker than Kaido, im sure 100% Kaido vs 100% Luffy right now would end with Luffy lose.
Kaido was just stupid taking Bajrang Gun head on, no other enemy, except maybe BB who is also an idiot, will do that
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