Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Well the Luffy vs Kizaru fight is over. There is no real winner or loser in this duel.

According to the English translation Kizaru says he can't move at all and can't get up. Luffy finds himself in old mode, almost unconscious, even if we see through the bubbles and dialogues he speaks when Franky saves him from an attack by Saturn.

In the end Kizaru didn't really do much to Gear 5 other than minimal damage with his clones. Luffy was unable to finish Kizaru earlier, the latter was too fast. However the only real big hit that Luffy put on Kizaru that we saw was enough to put Kizaru Hs (White Star Gun) even if I suppose there was some off screen too Luffy had a constraint with Gear 5 as with all his Gears.

I have more the impression that he knows how to put himself in this situation stupidly alone (the fact of being almost HS too) than through the power of Kizaru.

Not sure that a Shanks or a Kaido takes as long as Luffy to knock out Ko Kizaru. Luffy has a time limit so he doesn't cheat too much with his Gear 5 but not Shanks or Kaido. I am comforted in the idea that Yonko >= Admiral or Yonko> Admiral

Kuma's flashback is very interesting as we learn the name of his race, and a little of what is happening on God Valley.

We also see young Figarland Kuma's father knows Nika by name and reputation, which is very interesting. I didn't expect to see a young Ivankov accompanied by a Ginny or Gimmy (Luffy's mother?).

Kuma spoke to Bonney about Nika but it seems to me that Bonney doesn't know that Monkey D Luffy is Nika and Joyboy. Saturn obviously knows it.

If Luffy makes his heart beat to regenerate he will face Saturn to free the others who are dominated by Saturn? There's a good chance anyway.
Know what? Good on you!

Still doesnt change the argument though lmao. Luffy is on the ground zapped. The Robot is awake. Kizaru is confirmed to be getting back up. What are we thinking the purpose of this is even for?
Let's look at previous arcs, they take on fights without breaks. It's like the characters rejuvenate with the passing of time or panels ...

Manga logic ...


This Luffy before punching Kizaru on his last legs clearly.
Kizaru can't move due to a single hit as he himself stated, it is fact whether you accept or not.
Take your L and move on. Won't be reading essays full or bs. Bye
Answer nothing.
Spreads his asscanon and leaves. Average brain dead fandom moment lol.

When tf did I ever said That punch didn't do anything to Kizaru lol.... getting hit on head as an average human will definately affect anyone ability.

Its Luffy who's out old. Not Kizaru.
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