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Sasaki Kojirō

Kaidou went down like a boss, the last fight in the arc being his, and a beautiful show, clashing equally with the strongest attack in the series, kizaru is here being yelled at and being questioned for failures, treated like a damn subordinate, no matter what. When you look at it, there's no way you'll like this treatment.

That's a bit far lol.

Lucci got dominated by G5, while Kizaru went kinda even with G5 until the finale where he got downed with that punch.

Maybe, but it's all headcanon and interpretations really.

At this point, I've given up trying to figure out what's no haki, advanced armament or advanced conqueror's in Egghead arc. It's upto guesses at this point, since Loda is very inconsistent when it comes to drawing haki. To the point we have to rely on headcanon to at least some degree, cause nothing is explained for shit.

As far as Loda is concerned, Luffy may very well be using advanced conqueror's in both fights, but just wasn't drawn. We don't know

We can at least assume Luffy was using advanced armament against Lucci, since well they had that clash with a lot of lightning showing up.
The only reason I don't presume Luffy used advanced conqueror's there is that I don't believe Lucci can clash equally with G5 Luffy using advanced conqueror's (i.e headcanon, a lot of headcanon is needed here cause Loda is shit with haki)

With Kizaru, probably the last attack was advanced conqueror's. Could be advanced armament as well, who knows?
I will just assume advanced conqueror's I guess, because it had thicker lightning, but also mainly because I don't think Kizaru would be down by one hit without advanced conqueror's haki.

I've always believe Luffy was mid top-tier. Amongst the Yonkos, I had him above Big Mom and Marineford WB, but below other Yonkos. And <= Oden, if that counts for anything.

But yeah, prior to this, I always had the OG admirals above current Luffy, while new admirals below him.
At this point, I guess only maybe Akainu is clearly above Luffy

Akainu > current Luffy ~ Kizaru ~ Aokiji > Fuji ~ GB

And quite honestly, it is arguable that someone like Kaido would not even need extreme diff to take down Kizaru, high diff might be enough. Since well, Kaido can fight at the level of G5 Luffy without the time limit (once Kaido got used to G5's wack combat, he was fighting evenly or maybe even started getting the better of him in CQC).
Kizaru just ran away the entire time. There's no actual fight. It's cat and mouse, Luffy chasing Kizaru, it was a boring and dumb chase.
Gear 4 and 5 don't have direct time limits, they're based on Haki usage. When Luffy is exhausted at the end of them, it's because he's recovering Haki.

Luffy has to expand all of his current Haki in order to land a solid punch on Kizaru. It did do a lot of damage, but not enough to actually knock Kizaru out, while Luffy is unconscious.

Obviously it's below Bajrang Gun, but White Star Gun is really fucking strong if it does this much damage. But, it definitely seems like an attack Luffy can't spam. Luffy wasn't in Gear 5 that long (but he was in Gear 4 right before Gear 5, so he would still have Haki drain), and didn't take much damage since Kizaru was focused on Vegapunk, and White Star Gun was the most powerful attack he used by far.

Star Gun kind of feels like Gear 5 Red Roc.
Gear 5 isn't haki based, it is purely DF shenanigans.
While Gear 4 is haki based, and relies on overusing armament haki to maintain that form

But yea, I mostly agree on the rest.
The attack on Kizaru is likely the G5 version of red roc. Probably a higher end attack, but his G4 variants are bound to be stronger.

A draw arguably, but Luffy comes off looking better.

Maybe Kizaru would've fared better if not for distraction with Vegapunk and had he fully focused.
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