One Piece Chapter 1098: "Bonney's birth"

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had a thought that perhaps oda drew something pretty fucked up for ginny's skin condition that the editors pushed back and he had to change up some sequences, hence the unfinished panels. pretty jarring considering we never see her fullly in the chapter. could've been some freaky looking shit
Last time Oda wanted to include rape in the story it was scrapped, so I wouldn't put past this, the editor will not allow something too graphical
Op fans should probably hunt Oda if he doesn’t let Kuma see Nika and hear the drums of liberation. :beckmoji:
Also I might actually cry if Kuma cries and starts to do his Nika dance for Bonney in his final moments.
Kuma straight up might be the best written character in the series. Everything from his power to his motivations across like 600 chapters all are starting to make sense, and it all is connected in such a cohesive way.

The only true thing left to explain is why he directly sacrificed himself, because its obvious Bonney is cured before he leaves her