One Piece Chapter 1098: "Bonney's birth"

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Just is poor timing. I dont think he struggled, he just couldnt finish the manuscript on time. There could be any number of factors that prevented him from not being able to work on the chapter but to keep on schedule with the next chapter.

If we start getting consistent unfinished manuscripts and need to wait for volumes for completed chapters, then Id say that is concerning. But tbh a one off atm is fine.

idk why people think he's sick when he straight up said he missed work because he was at the 25th anniversary banquet
That doesnt explain how he's been exposed to the sun for years at this point with it then lol. He still bleeds, so hes clearly not a full cyborg.
His skin could’ve been augmented by Vegapunks experiments. Vega could also removed the scales whenever he went in for upgrades. He would still be sick regardless of the scales advancing or not.

It also doesnt explain why he would wipe his mind to serve the government.
Saturn gave the order, he agreed because he was dying anyways and maybe made a deal with the WG to leave Bonney alone or protect her. We have seen several WG characters worry about Bonney
It does explain all of these things

Turning his body into a cyborg means that the sapphire scale can't affect his body as it's part a robot, consider this as a solution for the sapphire scale to live with Kuma

He did not wipe his mind, he gave his body to the World Government because he knew that he would still be a slave but he wanted his soul to be freed from this body and he transferred it into the ancient robot
On one hand, the timeline fits because 2 years ago she would have been 10 (when she thought she would be cured), so yeah maybe that around the time when he took her sickness (if he can even do that, so far we've only seen pain taken away). This would also explain why she doesnt understand why he left her. It "might" also be that he was progressively modified to remove the stones from his body.

Howrver, theres also gaps in this logic, think about it:

- if he was sick, then where is it on his body? Hes still human and has been exposed to sunlight many times in the series. Akainu directly confirmed he is not a full robot by making him bleed.
- If turning him into a cyborg removed the sickness, why remove his memories at this point? His body is still being saved from sickness, there would be no reason to save it for the ancient robot.

I need to wait and see, because agreeing to give his body to the WG here still does not make sense with that logic in mind.
You got to remember, the Supernova were created in a week.

Oda likely repurposed Bonney into this role.

Jus like he made Vivi the princess of Alabasta even though he initially just had her as a throwaway villain.

There's a version of Hawkins that would have been a Warlord.
Bro Kuma asked Moria,"If you could travel, where would you want to go?" back in thriller bark. If he hadn't decided Bonney back then how does it match up? He asked kid bonney the exact same thing this chapter.
We got full flashback of bonney .. does this mean she will become a SH too? The crew need a cabin girl/boy like shanks and buggy in Roger pirates..