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The real "feminist criticism" that can be made to Oda is that he made Ginny a "woman in the refrigerator". (The famous thrope where a female character gets hurt or killed only to move the plot of a male character). But,lets face it,its not the first time he does this and it wont probably be the last time.
Such a famous thrope that I hear it for the first time
Berserk is the most overrated manga ever
It's the go to answer for every normie that hears the word "manga".
"Yeah bro, Berserk is great. Really deep and dark.
After you get past the Guts rape backstory, the Griffith rape, the second Griffith rape, the Eclipse, the goat demon rape, the girl masturbating on Guts' sword..."
That’s like saying Ronaldo and Messi are the go to football players for normies
It is the go to precisely because its the goat
Not everyone has to be the fan but Berserk is the pioneer of its genre
Masterclass art, great written characters, consistent story progression, top notch character development, well established arcs

The fact that its a dark fantasy has nothing to do with how great it is
>One Piece gets darker

It wasn't dark enough with the god valley tournament and Kuma's parents being eradicated?
Do you seriously think people wanted more after that?
Lol, okay, that makes perfect sense.
We see all that and we go "Eh.. Not enough.. I really hope Oda makes Kuma's only friend get tossed around by the CDs like a literal sex doll then contract an illness and die after passing the illness to the rape baby."
Nobody besides Kurwa (who is literally mentally ill to the highest degree) and maybe one other guy wished for that, let's be honest.
Not saying rape is worse than murder, torture, slavery, even though in specific circumstances it can be.

But anybody who thinks rape isn’t more of a taboo or hated topic by mainstream media and public than the above needs to stop watching hentai so much. There is a reason why any show with hints of rape always have “parental advisory” label on it but not the others.
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