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Kuma is legit that guy, one of the most admirable and strong people in the series.

And no i'm not talking about powerscaling so shut the fuck up
Sabo > Your fave
Gomu Gomu noooo Reach

When somebody rapes someone@s girlfriend they didn't cuck anyone - they just became a rapist
Native speakers often use words loosely or figuratively, and this is a natural part of language evolution where the meanings of words can expand and shift over time.

Sometimes people use words more loosely. Here, they're using 'cuck' not in the traditional sense but to express that Kuma experienced a loss, showing how language can stretch beyond its original definition.

Kuma's situation is being called 'cuck' in a non-traditional sense, to highlight his loss, not Ginny's act against her partner.

I explained it repetitively in the most simplest ways possible. It should be clear as day light to you why it's used and why it's used the way it is. Read and pay attention.
People have been clamoring for One Piece to get darker for years and when Oda finally gives the people what they want, they do a 180 in a heartbeat lmao.

Yep, it's insane lol. Dudes are outraged that CDs who enslave people and kills on whim, also do this shit? Absolute clown show

I for one enjoys the direction the narrative is going, I was getting worried with nika shitshow and Oda saying he will clown in the final saga.
As long as Oda won't fumble and make everything a joke in the end with Nika bullshit...things are looking good.

Everything about Kuma flashback is great, haven't felt this way since Doflamingo flashbacks.
Kuma's FB has been most tragic so far ..

WG took him as slave when he was just a child and was put in hunting competition....him belonging to special race could mean WG killed them as well

While growing up he took others pain and faced it everyday like a chad Just to help others

His clos friend Ginny got kidnapped, raped and he was unable to do anything

Met her after two years just to find out what really happened and she died in front of her because of illness leaving behind a child who acquired same illness

And, if this wasn't enough - because of some reason (possibly another tragic one) kuma became a tyrant and left RA to work for WG

Lost him memory without little bit of self awareness...became a slave again....with CD riding him at MJ for fun... getting tortured....

And, despite all of this, he still went out his way to help SHs at Sabody and even protected their ship for two years....

There are people who find this boring tho. Crying about it every other day. This for me has been the best flashback until now.
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