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Exactly, oda has a pattern of starting his romances with masochism.

Zoro fell in love with kuina after losing and getting beat up by her, hancock got turned on after watching luffy DOMINATE her sisters, sanji got even more horny after pudding betrayed him.
Pudding found it hot how sanji beat up people


You can't win
The 12 yo Bonney aside, wait.... so Bonney is the child of a Celestial Dragon....

Guess it explains her relation with the Gorosei, Akainu's wordings toward her, the fact she doesn't have Buccaneer traits, and she always seemingly escapes since she has the blood of a celestial dragon :quest:

I'm assuming her "father" is still alive, so depending on who he is exactly, she might want to take revenge on him instead, with her considering Kuma as her real father despite not being connected by blood

Now the question is why did she ended up having that df? Was it given to her on purpose or did she accidentally eat it?

I'm loving this flashback. It answers a lot of question. I'm assuming the tyrant part of Kuma's title comes from government propaganda due to opposing the actual tyrant king from the Sorbet Kingdom who is a Celestial Dragon lapdog

When it comes to Shichibukais, Oda really delivers. Not that non existant background story that Kaido got :jay-yeah:

Shichibukais are literally carrying this manga from Mihawk's east blue hype, Crocodile welcome to Paradise hype, Moria's new world insight, Celestial Dragon to commoner Doflamingo, Kuma from Sabaody until now, Cross Guild, as one of the yonko replacement, etc Hell even Law(who carried Punk Hazard, Dressrosa), and Blackbeard(EOS villain) were Shichibukais

At this point I wonder what was the point of yonkos :kobeha:

Whitebeard and Shanks are the only great ones among them and I donlt even think it was necessary for Oda to include them in that group


2 weeks break? Oda will release 1100 in January then
Nah just one week break, so next spoilers out on Nov 21st. It's gonna be a long couple of weeks :josad:
Sabo > Luffy

See Sabo saved both Luffy and Ace from Akainu in Oda's own alternate timeline.
After seeing Saturn, Sabo earned massive CHAD points standing up to all Gorosei + Imu in their Zoan forms. But let's not get crazy here, Luffy is the MC for a reason lol
Genocide? Ok
Slavery? Ok
Exactly. CDs kill on whim and enslave as they please. And dudes are throwing tantrum at rape.
Oh, and no outrage when Meme did this to 60 dudes.

I just don't get what's going on inside some of these dudes' heads. Not hard to see that it's villains doing villain shit. Something tells me it's all from westerners lmao.
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