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People keep acting as if marines didn’t join the marines to be good guys lmao. The only shit heads in the marines are the gorosei/holy knights/absolute justice flunkies
That is not so Kuan was never a absolute justice guy but still take part in destroying robin island .
At the end of the day if your a marine you still have to follow there orders.
Kizaru had to go to SB because luffy hit a CD , if normal man hit a CD for taking his wife Kizaru would still have to go also and put him down .
Imagine being such a cuck that you follow orders. Imagine having a captain and not being your own captain. Imagine being a pathetic subordinate. Real GODS and GODDESSES give orders, not follow them. Imagine being a fucking pleb.
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Subordinates without a king's aptitude will never make it. They can only complain and whine. Real conquerors do what they want and don't follow orders.
Man. :milaugh:
Too casual man, when we know Crocodile is again on the table.
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Must be the translation because I only read about an artificial ship...
Its completely just casual. Crocodile has nothing to do with dance powder and Alabasta anymore lol. Oda writes references like this all the time
I mean, Oda shows us Crocodile talking about certain ship just when we already know he is back in the game and we heard about the man marked by flames.
None of these things are related to each other lmao. We know exactly what the dance powder ship was bruh:

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How did he stop rain btw?i don't remember.
@NAMELESS see above. They were firing dance powder off the island and making it seem like Alubarna got all the rain to start the rebellion.