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✌𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓲𝓽𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮✌
It's literally the first named move she did.

I dunno why people act like this is some brand new info.
It is brand new for more than a decade everyone thought her power was just manipulating age this whole picking certain futures was just introduced within the last 3 or chapters
Flashback itself is not bad but way too long.

I like G5 for what it is, but those current chapters are just a justification for the Nika plot twist. Nice to read but wasnt nessesary, Oda could have spend more time to flesh out the RA, their showing is a nothingburger after all.
Oda is gonna finish one pee in the next 5 years, believe in him, he said this from 2016, this flashback is probably the last one pee chapters, rip.
Flashback starts with Bonney about to be killed by Saturn and her asking if she is "going to be saved too". We can expect the chapter in the New Year to be Kuma coming in to save the day.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Okay let's make a bet. If Bonney joins, you'll have Bonney as your avatar. If she doesn't, I'll have conejo as mine.
Easy win for you
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Smh I put my bias aside and everything
I'd be fine with Vivi it it shakes out that way
Bonney's path simply won't
Vivi is already a SH.

Bonney in 5 -6 chapters clicked all the boxes which carrot didn't in 4 years :milaugh:
For those who haven't Noticed yet.

Sub-Plot 01 --- Ryokugyu Arrives
Sub-Plot 02 --- Aokiji Arrives
Sub-Plot 03 --- Kizaru Arrives
Sub-Plot 04 --- Fujitora (Loading)
Sub-Plot 05 --- Akainu (Loading)

Ryokugyu vs Wano Resistance (Scabbards)
Aokiji vs Marine Resistance (Sword)
Kizaru vs Egghead Resistance (Science Division)
Fujitora vs ???
Akainu vs ???

Raizo falls Victim to Ryo's Powers
Hibari falls Victim to Aokiji's Powers
Sentomaru falls Victim to Kizaru's Powers
Fujitora's Hype Tool is ???
Akainu's Hype Tool is ???

CoC User Yamato steps-up to Duel Ryokugyu
CoC User Garp steps-up to Duel Aokiji
CoC User Luffy steps-up to Duel Kizaru
Fujitora's CoC User Opponent is ???
Akainu's CoC User Opponent is ???

Momonosuke gets Braver & We get to see his Signature Attack "Blast Breath" (Reference to Top Tier Kaidou)
Koby gets Braver & We get to see his Signature Attack "Honesty Impact" (Reference to Top Tier Garp)
Bonney gets Braver & We get to see her Signature Attack "Distorted Future Nika" (Reference to Top Tier Luffy)
Damsel In Distress Character during Fuji's Sub-Plot is ???
Damsel In Distress Character during Akainu's Sub-Plot is ???

Shanks gets Hyped as Greater Danger than Ryokugyu
Blackbeard gets Hyped as Greater Danger than Aokiji
Saturn gets Hyped as Greater Danger than Kizaru
Hype Character during Fuji's Sub-Plot is ???
Hype Character during Akainu's Sub-Plot is ???


So after this Egghead Arc, We are gonna Witness Sub-Plot of Fujitora, followed by Akainu's
And They are gonna be related to a Young Character (Younger than Luffy or from New Generation) who have Potential to become Legendary Top Tiers just like Momo, Koby & Bonney Demonstrated, and their Signature Attack is gonna be a Reference/Copy of a World Famous Top Tier (Who have Adv. CoC)

One of them is gonna be Edward Weevil, Second One is either a New Character or it's gonna be Vivi or Pudding or Shirahoshi or Marguerite.
And during these Sub-Plots, We are gonna Witness Fujitora & Akainu Clash with an Adv. CoC User

It's gonna be one of these ---> Sengoku, Rayleigh, Mihawk, Dragon, Zoro, Shanks & Big Mom (If She is Alive)
Why do I feel like That Bonney is kuma daughter...
Looks a lot like Buccaneer strength.
Muscle manipulation 🤔🤔🤔?
Ace was in his mother womb for 18 months , could be high possibility, Ginny did something similar.
Those are not muscle manipulation, those are effects of her DF whenever she used them. Since it's obvious that she keeps pretending to be Nika and she used Distorted Future to be him which in turns mimics all of Luffy's DF abilities.