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She clearly didnt

Her arm isn’t inflated, it’s just big. She used her age powers to make her arm grow to extreme proportions.

Aging = growth

That like smallest gear 3 punch ever.
When luffy does that shit it's be way more times his size.
Not bad for 12 years but we can see why it won't mean shit even vs mid tiers.
There are two but i dont think it's Shirahoshi
Roger though one of them will be his child
It is shirahoshi. She's one of the sovereigns. She's the reincarnation of the mermaid princess.

Roger thought his son would be joyboy, the reincarnation of joyboy. But it was luffy the Nika.

The sea kings are the ones who talk about two sovereigns meeting. And the mermaid princess is their sovereign.
Kuma is the Subordinate, dragon never deserved.
Same as Ivankov, Sabo, Morley, Karasu, Lindberg etc.
Dragon is the worst leader
Why cause he did not want them to know he had a child , it's like here come babbies hunts all over .
Hell we in flashback seeing having child and WG have ears and eyes every where they can fuck you over twice.
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