Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers Discussion

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Ngl WG doesn‘t have the best track record for dealing with stuff perfectly ,Ohara as example they didn‘t even notice the books in the lake :kobeha:

It‘s the little mistakes over time who are coming now to haunt them .

WG became really sloppy those past 50 years :risitameh:
It simple at the end of the day the WG would have never been able to kill luffy or capture something will always save his ass.
Think about the amount time luffy should capture or dead and plot kick in.
The man was dead and came back to luffy after Kaido . Akainu put a huge hole in his chest and best doctor in the world just hapeen to show up and you can go on and on lol .
I enjoyed the flashback up until current chapter. Now it just feels like it's dragging, like what more is there? Is Oda going to follow Kuma on every mission he was sent on, TB and Sabaody from Kuma's side, follow his reslavery, and rehash things? Last chapter would have been a good cut.

Visit Foosha, get called for a different mission, end FB.
I agree but its on wrap up

Oda needs to fill the plot how Kuma tracked Luffy and how did he know he was Dragon's son when his close comrade Ivankov didnt know of this .
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