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The panel also says that they eventually found out and still did nothing
After his death and it was Oden stupidity not asking Roger Pirates to inform WB
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Lmao you're blind , they only say about oden death.

What is this argument method lol , Already holding a L when you got nothing to prove at the same time lol.

As said another Erkan 2.0 , no evidence headcanon based.
Lol at calling Manga panels headcanon. The definition of denial
I am still baffled how much Dragon lost his badassery with every new stuff we see.

Same for all the Nika stuff. Who is Who mentioned it an boom everyone suddenly is afraid or hyped by the return.

It's not like for example the Gorosei should have knowm that a EB boy with rubber abilities most likely got it... But naaaaah let us wait for his awakening
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