Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers Discussion

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Yeah Luffy doesn't come out as a hard worker compared to Naruto.
Why cause don't see it on screen .
Luffy was training since childhood , train and learn during his fight pre and post time skip , train for 2 year with ray and even train recently .
Oda just don't spend long on that shit or he do during the fights .
The fox isn't what made him a chosen one, it's the Asura incarnation nonsense
Reincarnations of Ashura are mostly weak. Indra's reincarnations are the strong ones.
Also you missed the point of them being reincarnations. Being the reincarnations doesn't give them any privilege, it only binds those two towards a fate of conflict.
Naruto breaking the fate of conflict is him breaking free of fate.
Post We Were by the fake Straw Hats

You don't like the concept of fate?
Not when it's done in a too cliché way, that it's the main focus of the story or the main character or when the character doesn't feel like he/she is deserving of the things he/she accomplished by his/her own merits and instead has the plot literally carrying him/her.

I prefer when characters actually make their own destiny rather than be the recipient of an ancient prophecy, or in tragedy when they are the victims of fate who suffer because of things beyond their control or when the prophecy turns out to be very different than what they thought it is and is prone to many interpretations.
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