Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1101 Spoilers Discussion

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Lmao I don't see people from yesterday defending the shitty chapters recently.
There's always someone who defends a mid/bad chapter, but most of them don't have an IQ high enough to read a simple manga like HxH.
So you can see why they like garbo chapters.

bruh there is no freaking way HxH is better than OP in anyway. The manga made me sleep due to the voluminous words explaining stuff. I had to switch to anime for convenience.
The Nika stuff, though it's other things he has written such as Oden and his retarded naked dance, Yamato character, the way he uses and treats Big Mom and her crew, the waterfall and this whole Nika crap, or Kaido and Luffy laughing during their final fight that make me seriously question Oda's sanity.
Kaido laughing during that fight make most sense ever the man whole thing is enjoy a good fight .
Luffy getting stronger also enjoying the fight .
Oden naked dance was naive on his part trying to save lives , not like it would have matter since they had a spy on his team .
Yamato was great to bad he could not join and BM crew had to go or they would have been fucked and never able to win .
Even Ace was interested in fate. His fate of being born to his father and his dilemma of whether he was supposed to be born.
Law being introduced to the fate of D in a young age. Sabo and him rejecting his fate of being a nobility.

There are a lot of young characters who are interested in fate. Luffy is one of the rare characters with no knowledge or interest about fate. I find it fascinating.
Doesn't mean you have to find it fascinating. I really don't care if other people like the same things as me. I'm not a conformist, which is why I can have unpopular opinions that many people disagree with.
Doffy believing in his fate to rule
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