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That was all I needed to hear.
We cool now👍
Oh no we ain't cool yet. You still Think to downplay Zoro while i'm not tryn to dwonplay Luffy:suresure:
i ain't gonna go toxic route like other users lol.
But u gotta acknowledge it, that Oda didn't even give us Zoro POV vs Lucci. Hence why its still not a Hard Fight. Can't even consider 1 pages and a half.
Give me Zoro used 3 named attack and it hit Lucci, and if Lucci didn't get down then i agree with u, Zoro is having a hard fight. but so far nope.:kayneshrug:


Two devote Nika worshippers in one place. If I am him, I will not want to be in that situation right now.
Nika, miniNika, and most-devout Nika worshiper.
Saturn's regenerating ability better work overtime in the next chapters, else Imu'll have one fewer "priests".
Yonko fans should apologize to kizaru
Looks like he played ko so he doesnt hurt bonney or kuma
The fact that bro moved so fast not even satirn realized and gave luffy food is insane

@Pringles @Kerkovian @SkySanji @MarineHQ @SakazOuki @MonsterKaido
Kizari looks like he took no dmg
As it is now Kizaru > Goofy, and if its revealed that Kizaru was holding back awakening, then man its gonna get tough for Yonkotards


I don’t understand the logic of OPscans
Yeah you’re the fastest, congratulations but your quality is still trash
First food truck in the neighbourhood still feeds plenty, even if the food quality is rat-level. When proper food comes around, the clientele will be shorter simply because they're already eaten--even if they haven't eaten proper.
Yeah sure caribou can move as fast as kizaru
It not matter of him moving fast no know he there.
Not the SH , not the marines , not saturn and who has feed luffy more than once before.
The man pop up every and then does something for luffy and then he gone again .

Also we have never seen kizaru move fast without becoming a beam of light where people can't see it easy .
So he became a beam the light up bring all that food ( how can he carry so much at one time )to luffy and no one notice .
Kizaru is not the flash people notice when he moving fast.
alright Op is mid as fuck:seriously:

Kuma plot was telegraph:suresure:

The nika bullshit is out of the scale, a fuking admiral is switching side for nika too, this is even worst than FairyTale:josad:

Bonney powerup is so nonsensical:suresure:

Chihiro is 1000000time better than Nika Nika time to focus only on Kagurabachi for the following years:cheers:
Kizaru doing it for bonney and kuma tho
He cant fight saturn


With half chapter even harder to understand we hitting mangapanda levels now lol .
that is true

the only thing they got is speed, and they didn't even have that for a few weeks now

that's why i said they got their speed back