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In drafts, Oda had Doflamingo as the Joker in Kaidou's crew lol. Oda's plans =/= reality.

When he was old and weaker as per his own words.

Aokiji is Akainu's equal.
Garp is Roger's equal.

There are levels here.
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Nope. Even if he did, Sakazuki is getting spanked.
If you want to doubt a character based off the MC in Oda's "favorite movie of all time" and "his bible" (he called Bunta Sugawara's film that unironically) go ahead, but don't get upset if it bites you in the ass.

CoC: Color of Clowns

Makin' Bacon Pancakes
MF Sengoku vs 2 years later Sengoku

You’re telling me it’s just the time that passed ? That nothing happen in his head, that he didn’t let it go ?
The man retired, not the figure of the Marine anymore.

Same for Garp the man just lost his grand son in front of his eyes without doing, obviously it left a mark, and the story told us : he retired, was forced to stay to be a marine trainer and help Coby but he wasn’t a Marine anymore, wasn’t a solider.

Sengoku stopped using hair-dye. If anything he spent all his time doing neck exercises in the gym.
The Greatest Hairdresser in One Piece history.

Every kid on the block gonna be copping the hairdo Akainu gave Kuma :steef:
You can milk one inconsistent moment all you want. The feats are there for everyone to see. We've seen the damage Kaido has done to a dozen characters in over hundred chapters and We've seen what Sakazuki has done in 30 and then off-screen to a Top Tier.

All this talk won't change these facts, is it the jealousy that a certain someone didn't get any of that ?
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