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Will Kizaru use awakening in the next Chapters?

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TBH if I'm a Luffy fan I'd be like: Meh, I always know Luffy is gonna get up and beat either Kizaru or Saturn so kinda whatever tbh :kayneshrug:
This is the perk of being Zoro and Sanji fans, you got the lowest of low and the highest of high :cheers:
They both get the perk of getting up and always beating their opponents. Its a privilege of being part of the MCs harem.
Oh alright. Well i dont get it but Luffy's my fav and I just hope the fight is actually a fight this time and not tag
Well the good news is, the goal has changed from assassinating VP to annihilating everyone, so Kizaru really cant start with anyone outside of Luffy, nor should he be distracted by it anymore, especially if thats his resolution
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