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Will Kizaru use awakening in the next Chapters?

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I will never forgive Oda
No, Sukuna fans were a massive minority just like admiral fans that were frequently called delusional, even by people like yourself (a gojo fan and a Yonko fan, proving my point again).

@LANJI CUCKSMOKE and I are actual longtime Sukuna dickriders so we can counter any bogus claim you make about “historical revisionism.”

Shit was so bad man. I remember catching up (and dropping) in Shibuya, Light was writing wallies on why Gojo teabags Sukuna and why Sukuna is intrinsically weaker on obscure japanese text
Ive been a Sukuna fans for as long as Lanji or more lmao, me and him would always debate Seth,Light and other Gojo fans.

I made Sukuna > Gojo posts here that no one read back after I joined in 2021 and you can still find them. Had the take ever since about half of season 1 of the anime came out.

Also happened to Seth? He disappeared like right after Gojo vs Sukuna started.
Exactly no wonder you don't know what you're talking about and just agree with what Lee and all those other people say.
nah am not as agenda pilled as lee . am actually quite balanced because I happen to be a fan of kaido as well.

you read the story and misquoted what shanks said
had to be corrected by someone you claim doesnt read the story

have some shame 'durable guy'
coming across as a touch sensitive rn . you always cry when you argue with me .
Because Luffy's story involves both characters. The amount of relevance yoy place over Shanks and Blackbeard encountering each other and it meaning anything is frankly odd considering this entire story is based on the precedent of Luffy and Shanks meeting again and Luffy surpassing him.

Just an odd argument you all parade with Blackbeard, like Luffy doesnt even exist in this equation.
He can meet him and then lose to Blackbeard. Plus if he dies to Blackbeard, we then have a concrete definition of when Luffy has surpassed him.

I think Luffy will meet Shanks and then go to Laugh Tale. While he's there, Shanks will fail to hold off Blackbeard. Luffy comes back as pirate king to take on everyone.

If we're talking plot, Shanks' whole story is based on trying and failing to stop Blackbeard. The idea that them clashing isn't relevant is insane. Luffy's main arc has been strongly solidified as bringing the dawn, i.e. defeating the darkness: Blackbeard.

Shanks is just too powerful of an ally for the final saga.
Here is the story relevance of Shanks and Luffy, that they meet again and that luffys gives him back the hat. Those two things can happen with Shanks dead. He can meet Shanks ''again'' at his grave and deposit the straw hat in front of it.
See, spouting random generic shit like this is why I dont even talk about this anymore, its like you think Luffy and Shanks have zero depth bruh, when Blackbeard doesnt remotely get shit like this:

Lets also ignore that where Shanks could 1 shot a 3 Billion pirate and his crew in 1 chapter, Blackbeard needed to offscreen his entire encounter with Law with nearly 20 chapters of leeway backed by 3 other members of his crew lol.

But sure, Blackbeard is going to offscreen Shanks:gokulaugh:
Ive been a Sukuna fans for as long as Lanji or more lmao, me and him would always debate Seth,Light and other Gojo fans.

Even as Sukuna fan, there was a time when all of you started doubting him, I remember the posts in JJK threads, just like @EmperorKinyagi

Mainly the complaints about 10S and how Gojo was the Gary Stu.

That was peak of JJk, both of the fandom were losing their minds :shame:
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