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Blackbeard knew Saturn was coming.

Laffite receives intel from the marines he hypnotized to escape from Impel Down

Blackbeard's masterplan involves using all the seraphin and their devil fruit powers so they needed Saturn's authority.
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I think his final plan might be similar to this threory from Randy Troy and Dak Sake involving Osiris and all Shichibukai Devil Fruit Powers.

But the twist is that Blackbeard will use the Seraphin to accomplish it.

-luffy and sanji vs saturn and kizaru next week.
-zoro still stuck with lucci who luffy already defeated.
-admiral fans worried that most of the panels wont be sanji vs kizaru.
-world government fans are worried that the blackbeard pirates are the endgame villians than they are.

atleast we have no break next week.
There's no way Zoro isn't at least clashing with kizaru when Sanji is clashing with him. And since last arc Zoro already clashed with a top tier, then expect a full fight from Zoro from now on.
>Spends 2 years on tranny island
>Almost dies to a fucking nosebleed
>Nearly has his leg broken by Vergo
>Gets low-diffed by Doffy in a mid-air skirmish
>Abandons the crew and kicks the shit out of Luffy before getting savagely cucked by Pudding
>(Lowest point)
>Turns Pudding into a loyal wife with one fucking compliment
>Speed blitzes Oven
>Gets a cool super sentei suit
>Beats a YC on his own
>No-sells a punch from S-Shark
>Bonney already has a massive girlcrush on him
>Admittedly fucks up guarding Vegapunk but redeems himself by protecting the loli instead

its been a long jounrey bros.