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yeah but nothing special

Marco blocked his attack kicked Kuzan away and blocked akainu
yamato held back due Momo otherwise he would show more resistance clapped his head
Beckmann was nah

Sanji is on par with Marco he blocked a laser attack last chapter now again
Professional playa hater. Keep seething.
Sanji talking big with Nika by his side. Is it time for Kizaru to get serious :quest:
It's been time for months, I'm tired, dude clearly isn't interested in accomplishing this mission so no reason we see him get serious
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it's vega shoes
it's nika
Lucci is stronger than admirals
look at the bandana guys
he's stalling on purpose
The amount of mental gymnastics that Zolofags have to done to accept this chapter is really amusing.
Let it go
The fact they knew that Saturn was in Egg Head means that someone is spying the WG. I guess the only person capable of doing that is the same person who infiltrate in the same room where also was Mihawk, Sengoku, Doffy and Kuma. Laffite, of course. It would be cool if Laffite infiltrated in Pangea Castle several times without being noticed
Is your avi foreshadowing something?
I'm not happy about it but I can read the story. Oda makes a big deal about no one being able scar Kaido. Then Zoro does it and its all "oh thats nothing. If only I could've knocked you over". Thats what Oda wrote. This puts scaring Kaido bellow Franky running over Big Mom. If that wasn't the intention, then Oda shouldn't have written it.
Yes, that is the way Oda had written that scene.

Kizaruber Eats

Life's coin always has two sides; flip it wisely.
An important thing to note here too...

Auger just said he's not mastered the fruit yet so he's clearly got it recently ofc BUT he also can't warp very far due to it...he only warped himself and Devon and not even off the island, to her disappointment.

So in other the fuck is he and Devon here then?!
Law vs Blackbeard must have happened longer ago than expected?

Also what's Doc Q and Burgess up to atm then? And where?

And where the fuck is Lafitte? He's the fucking Waldo of One Piece now!

I wish we could have seen who has the Warp fruit before too. Someone elusive and powerful hopefully? Maybe a former Rocks Pirate?
It's been time for months, I'm tired, dude clearly isn't interested in accomplishing this mission so no reason we see him get serious
Yeah Kizaru need to stop trolling and show us why he’s an admiral or let them escape. If Kuzan can low diff the BB pirates, I need to see something similar with shs.
Yahh ill wait for zolo extreme diff Wucci :))) ZKK , ZKL idk how many the tags like this :))) but none of them zolo can achieve :)) :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh::funky::funky:
You don’t believe that :saturn: Zoro isn’t even using three swords
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basicaly this

zoro: Im ending this now


lucci: No, you can't do that

zoro: yes, I can, I have the power.
:cheers: It’s over as soon as he puts wado Ichimonji in his mouth