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One Piece fans shouldn't question so much what's happening with Zoro. Lucci has us all surprised, because I'm sure NOBODY imagined he would endure so much against the marimo. Some (maybe) thought Zoro was incorrectly scaled with Luffy (thus, he would defeat him easily and quickly) or underestimated this shitty cat.

Don't deny that everyone underestimated him, just like with Sanji. A great majority of the fandom thought Zoro would be the first to face an admiral (considering his history against Kaido/Big Mom it was the most logical) and now that Oda sets up a potential Sanji vs Kizaru, he literally breaks almost everyone's predictions.

I like what he's cooking, but Jinbe should go to replace Zoro so he can join Luffy/Sanji faster. Eventually, he will take down Lucci, it's just a matter of time, but now the important thing is to defend against Saturn and Kizaru.

If Oda cooks up a Sabaody 2.0 and we have a monster trio vs admiral/gorosei (top tiers vs top tiers), he will have in his hands the (literal) best arc he has created since the beginning of the timeskip.
So I had a thought. Instead of Chopper or Marco appearing out of nowhere to save Vegapunk.

I think Oda is setting up for Kizaru to still switch sides.

Vegapunk was left in the battle field with Luffy, Sanji, and Kizaru. He had him specifically say he can't be moved or he'd die.

But Kizaru has lasers, and lasers cauterize wounds, enough that a patient could be moved.