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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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CoC: Color of Clowns

Makin' Bacon Pancakes
You absolutely nailed it bro @CoC: Color of Clowns!!! Blackbeard about to fuck everyone up with Poseidon and Pluton :steef:

CC @Reborn @Blackbeard
I believed in Caribou, and, somehow, by golly, it paid off. I still can't believe this is how it happened, but, I'm estatic.

This sets up Blackbeard as a power threat, and finally put Pluton in direct plot relevance, rather than just some possible prize.

Keep in mind that Caribou is a Super Rookie/Supernova who is well know for viciously killing Marines. The Blackbeard Pirates will at least want to hear him out, Caribou is far from weak, they'll know who he is and be interested.

Now we just need a Kuma teleport back to Wano to start Act 4 (keep in mind his bubbles take a while to reach their destination, meaning the Straw Hats could get to Wano after the Blackbeard Pirates invade for Pluton).

First, though, we have to see what the Seraphim are up to...
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Hey @CoC: Color of Clowns can you tell me if your magic balls say if we will get Zoro vs Kizaru soon?

(so shaketh the Magic 8 Ball)

"It is certain"
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