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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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Saying Zoro bandanna show how serious or how hard his fight is one of the most stupid fucking things i read on this forum .
When we seen many time in manga it don't matter in that context or plot when Oda wants .
Fuck , one of Zoro greatest character moment ( and one best in the series ) was vs Kuma and guess what he had no bandanna on .
Like i really can't get over how stupid this is lol .
It literally will be downgrade for Kizaru, so far he has had pretty average showing, going high diff with a yonko crew number 3? Cmon.
Sanji is not number 3, you guys letting that color spread take over the flow of the ongoing story lmao. Kuzan already debunked that shit

Sanji's powers can't be scaled by mere humans thats all
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