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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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Soon brother, I thought Jimbei would find a Zoro that already won but I guess Oda wont offscreen Luccis defeat like that.

Still, while Im confident that Zoro will finish him soon I feel like this is a bad blow to his character ( Oda's fault) where he is just playing around and not trying to finish the fight asap knowing full well that his crew is in danger.
Who told you he's playing around?
Where did you see Zoro say "im playing around?" Or laughing ?


1st thing Kaidou never went down in Solo effort. So get that idea of 1v1 out of your mind.

That's my fuckin point yo even begin with. Oda stalls when he want to , neither luffy or zoro needed to waste 12 hours on seraphims. Yet oda did it for whatever reasons he had.
Same goes with Lucci vs Zoro , they are literally off panelled and No attacks ever shown to us.

If you're gonna call , zoro vs Lucci extreme diff when its nothing but stalling so far. Same goes for Luffy vs lucci and Luffy vs S-bear , but nobody bats an eye there.
Zoro already beat a superior version of Serpahim. But luffy has no record of beating any Lunarian.
Zoro on rooftop was well capable to tag kaidou and damage him with ryou only.
You think lucci is stronger , tougher than Kaidou?
All the best with that
Nobody listened to me.
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