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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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Sanji imprisons kaku to prevent him from regenerating and causing further problems = Sanji slanders

Zoro holds lucci ( zoro one shot lucci according to these fans ) to prevent lucci from causing further trouble = zoro is a genius :risicheck:
Holding back a G5 level opponent >>>>>> imprisoning an injured (by 2 seprahims) kaku, using sea stone bubbles.

I can see how that would easily confuse you though :shame:
Bro it's soon the end of One Piece

When do you want monster 3 to feat Top tiers in 1v1 ?
The problem is that Oda didn't make their opponents that strong, especialy Sanji, Luffy went from kat to get one tapped by Kaido, he later boxed with him but with haki blooms, Sanji has two basic but still very good Haki, so i'm just saying they should climb the rank in a more believable way. Zoro case, Oda made this shit drag on for no reason, him at least with two adv Haki, it would've been at least understandable if he went high diff or mid diff with a Admiral like Law vs BB
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