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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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The Rogue Prince
And where in my posts did I deny Zoro went into the fight with scuff marks... Smh...
You literally said Zoro had "new scuff marks" so Lucci hurt him offpanel when nothing of that sort was shown anywhere.

The entire thread saw it. For your own sake, its better at times to accept that you were wrong and move on.
Because he was already pressuring Lucci the last time we saw them, dummy.

His bandana is obviously not a power up per se, but it's the mark of Zoro fighting seriously, if you're going to argue that then I suggest you drop the hate and actually read Zoro's scenes.
No he wasn't they were both huffing. Just because you're attacking doesn't mean you're winning. Lucci looked like he had no trouble dealing with Zoro.

The bandanna means nothing Zoro only wears it in a major fight. This is like the C fight in the arc we only care about it because Zolo looks like a fraud.
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