Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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Kinda sucks considering this clearly wasn't always his view on sanji. He baited us with the pre ts and then threw it all away
He literally has 1 billion bounty + and has took down Queen .
He is definitely going to get awesome fight in future .You guys over think too much . Even Nika luffy had problem taking down Kizaru .

If Sanji is escaping from fight there is good reason it’s to protect VP with Saturn coming back .
No Usopp fan is in denial we all understand Usopp is done for doesn't mean we arent pissed
Amen. Some Usopp fans still have faith in Oda and deep denial with him but at least he had that touching moment of seeing his favourite giant heroes again. That moment was nice. Those fans actually believe Oda will go all out for Usopp like he was supposed to for Zoro in Wano and Franky this arc.
Elbaf is gonna revolve around worshipping Nika and thus Luffy. Oda is gonna Double Down.
Ironically Usopp was called a God 2 arcs before Luffy became one too. Usopp should have gotten the nika fruit as a separate fruit instead imo. Well maybe more manifesting an actual Sogeking (Sniper god) fruit but Nika would be better for him too imo.

ld write a gigantic essay on the potential of usopp in elbaf, the sheer amount of awe, brilliance, epic, heartfelt etc moments we could get but I don't wanna set myself for anymore disappointment. I'm still trying to recover from Wano too lmao.

I might start posting a top of Usopp fanfiction though anyway, I actually have way more ideas for him than any other characters atm. Also conversely for Elbaf too.

But I'm not letting myself trust in Oda again, not truly. Whatever we get, we get at this point. Get what we can. Compromise.
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