Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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''You guys'' ?
I'm just one not 23 people.
Have you read what I wrote ? Doesn t it make sense ?
Yes I do consider Zoro as a better fighter than Luffy.
Luffy has fame.
Zoro has power.
Nami has wealth.

Luffy would be average if he didn't have his hidden power (pointed by Mihawk and others), he attracts people to follow him.
When it comes to fights though, he loses all the time and somehow it is ignored... as a reminder, Luffy had 5 rounds against Kaido lol imagine if the same thing happened to Zoro or anyone else...the trolling that would ensuite...
When it happens to Luffy (all the time), it's ok ! He is the strongest!!!!
He still got to defeat Kaido, Luffy's always stronger than his opponents AFTER he beats them. He has better haki (4 advanced types) and better feats than Zoro.
Besides fighting luffy the only way kizaru can be defeated respectfully is if he fights both zoro and sanji simultaneously

Him losing to either solo makes him fodder
There's a chance.
The giants are on the coast of the Fabriophase, which is where Zoro will go after he defeats Lucci or the battle is interrupted, Sanji will also go to the coast.
I'm just not sure if Kiz will leave Saturn alone to fight both Luffy and the robot.:myman:
But Kizaru seems pretty confident about Saturn's abilities.
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