Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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That’s kinda the big thing is not a single straw hats being useful.
Nami Usopp and Chopper: doing nothing.
Robin: On life support because reasons.
Franky: Vegafraud simping and barely any real interaction with him.
Brook: Fucked up the Sunny route and now they need rescuing.
Sanji: Ran around doing nothing and, when he's supposed to do something, he's back to running.
Zoro: World's Strongest Staller is aiming the head of the World's Strongest Postponer simulator.
Jimbo: Amazon ground job of stacking boxes.

Fought an Admiral.
Fighting an Admiral AND a Gorosei.

I have to give it to the Luffy bros, why does Luffy even have a crew at this point?:usoprice:
I just find it funny that Oda is going full Goku with Luffy because I always liked Vegeta better than Goku and used to be so annoyed Vegeta never got any real moments but now it's reversed with OP cause Luffy is my fav (Zoro is 1B) and I'm like so this is what Goku fans always felt :risiup:
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