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It's not about "Luffy getting L".
It's about the SHs not behaving like a Yonko Crew when they should.

Like some people say: how the fuck is Usopp remotely supposed to beat a guy like Augr?
BBP's sniper is going around providing support and getting shit done.
Usopp is playing "narrator simulator" for the entire arc.
Tbf they only became a Yonko crew the other day. Half the crew are still kids playing pirates hell their captain is a 19yo dumbass. It is just how they are built unfortunately and I don't expect that to change until EoS.
Usopp is most likely getting fs and prep time. That should be enough for Van Auger.
Auger and Devon's interaction with Saturn is better than anything most of the Straw Hats have gotten in 100s of chapters
I sometime feel Oda got bored of the crew and only wants to write a manga about Luffy and his adventures but since the whole pre-ts was abut Luffy gathering crewmates he can't just leave them behind so we get this weird shit where most SHs are caricatures of themselves that should consider themselves lucky to get one moment every 3 year
You guys are so right it's depressing.

Kizaruber Eats

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Not really forced

they both beat a dragon

the entire wano arc built up Luffy beating Kaido
Still ridiculous as Ryuuma is far more important to Zoro. Its not like Luffy is starved for glory either exactly. He should have solo'd big mom and instead had zoro, law, Kidd, killer take on kaido.

Oda could still obnoxiously wank luffy here and give a satisfying payoff/closure to the decade of big mom build up in the story as well as their war vs each other or so but he randomly chose law and Kidd to take her down instead.

Oda has followed deeply in the footsteps and thus mistakes that other major shonen authors do and yet he was meant to be special, different, unlike them, unique, more creative, a far superior writer etc

Its similar issues Batman ended up having too. Becoming far too much of a jack of all trades, a Gary stu.

Kaidos defeat was so forced and nonsensical but the wish lantern tribute part was absolutely beautiful and emotional so at least there's that.
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