Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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How am I being disrespectful toward you? Can't you take a little bit of mild criticism? You're insulting my intelligence while I'm just criticizing your POV on the subject at hand.

And yes, I do involve myself in the agenda debates. But I don't have meltdowns over it unlike you. You take that shit personally, just like you take criticism toward Ledon personally as well. He don't know you bro, have some self respect.

You are being a hypocrite rn, cause you are positioning yourself as someone with greater intellectual maturity when in reality, you're one of the first ones to go down in the mud and go nuclear if anybody dares to question your agenda.
You look like a cunt who never gets told no.
There is no more hypocrite than crying why you got blocked in the same sentence where you disrespect the guy who blocked you

There is no more hypocrite than insulting the guy who provides your spoilers and begging him for posting them

Have some self respect lil bro
I don't think you understand what being a hypocrite means.

As for his spoilers. I don't need them. :myman:
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