Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

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So Sanji completely failed to protect Vegapunk from Kizaru.

Luffy can only grab/hit Kizaru when he is focusing on Vegapunk although I have to admit it is sad how Kizaru coughs blood just by being grabbed by Luffy (I bet not even CoC coating was using in a fucking groping).

Saturn is literally a fodder with hax here. Nothing that he does it is effective.
Just a short chapter each in a single novel. I don't know what it can tell that we don't know already regarding Nami and Robin, but it's something.
True, this could be interesting in the sense of giving some canonical information to each of the characters, if Oda supervises like he did with ace novels. As I recall, it had some Info that was never mentioned in the Manga itself for Ace.

Many people didn't even bother reading it because they discarded it as "non-canon" from the Get-Go, which isn't true.

Also, I am a big fan of seeing other Artists drawing something else with their own style and touch. Overall, I am looking forward to this.


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vice admirals were always fodders
Characters like dorry and broggy should have no trouble folding them
vice admirals are mid yes but not mid enough to get taken down by literally just casual swings imo

dorry and broggy are high tiers at minimum

Sasaki Kojirō

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The God is making the admiral cough blood with 1 hand while he is grabbing a Gorosei with his other hand who is in full zoan form and even bigger than he was before

It's so fucking over

Are you surprised by this? Luffy was fighting the strongest living creature in Wano, nothing is a challenge anymore after that fight, I mean if he wants a challenge now, Oda needs to put 2+TOP TIER. LOL

Because 1 admiral doesn't even come close to warming up Luffy.
What the heck did I read, right? We are getting five mini-stories (novels)—soon? If they are anything close to the Ace novels, that would be amazing.


Okay, that was a big surprise. Nami, Robin, Uta Hancock and Tashigi fans, you can celebrate ! wow.
They’ve been out for ages lol

they are AU stuff. Not connected to the actual characters
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