How long will these 10 minutes take?

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The Admirals wouldn't fail to hurt base and Zoan Kaidou so much that they fail to draw even one drop of blood from him.
Can't say the same for Kidd and Law.
By the end of their fights they mastered their awakenings and were easily capable of doing that.

Anyways my point isn’t that Kid and Law = admirals, which I don’t believe

They just objectively aren’t that far off from them. If Oda brings back Kid and he gets ACoC, he’d probably be stronger than the admirals.

If Law masters his DF negation haki and becomes like Kaido/BM where he has active 24/7, he’d also surpass them.

They’re like 1 power up away from the admirals imo.
Lets see the 5 Gorosei in action. I have a feeling people might soon be singing Sabos praises who went up against 5 Gorosei + Imu in Mariejois whilst trying to protect old, wheel chair sitting, dying Cobra. And the cheeky bastard lived to tell the tale.

I really hope people will finally be willing to really give Sabo his flowers. And that people begin to understand what Ace already was and what he could have been. I rate them two way high in both current and potential ability.
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