How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Kaido fought alone for hours
Luffy needs to get stronger for now
No Luffy doesnt, G5 never lost a fight.
Thats like saying Luffy was weaker than Doffy, Cracker and Katakuri after their respective fights and its simply not true. How long will people be saying Luffy is weaker than Kaido although we got so many instances where Luffy was above his main opponents after the fights post timeskip.
The Gorosei so far are Vice Admiral level. They are fodder. Saturn is useless, so who cares about all of 5 Gorosei?

I think it's plot wise, Oda has to draw the fodder like, but for now I see them Fodder Vice Admiral level.

Saturn tried to stab so many people with is spider leg. Who he got stabbed ? An old geezer like Vegapunk haha what a piece of fodder.
I just realized something, Onigashima is sinking to the bottom of Wano sea right? That where Pluton is located! Won't that actually mean we'll be seeing what Pluton actually look like first time in the cover story?
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