How long will these 10 minutes take?

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What you said to me

No i didnt. Now reread the post you just quoted.
I use hyperbole in my rhetoric. I didn't quote you word for word. What you said had essentially the same meaning, albeit in a fashion that's not as definitive. The main point is you believe Kizaru is the main antagonist, when he is clearly being side lined, and the Gorosei are the ones who will be brought down by the Nika.
Who cares?
Look at his portrayal, Blud is treated like a nobody, Oda is doing him dirty.
I'm still betting on him being the final villain of this arc, now that the 5 Gorosei are here, it looks like the most logical matchup for Luffy.
But bro, what an ASS portrayal for a villain, really pathetic.
On that I agree.

The problem is that with all the moral struggle thing seems that Oda wants him there, but at the same time doesn't really want him as a villain. Idk why since we had Katakuri that was more or less the same, but because of Kata I hope to see Kizaru doing something.

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That's cause Luffy vs Kaidou was the climax of the arc, there's nothing left but to draw Luffy vs Kaidou.

Whether Kizaru can't counter or if it's just a matter of other plot points needing to be addressed before he gets to actually fight, remains to be seen. This is either answered by the end of this arc, or answered well into the future (which would be super annoying). If let's say Kizaru shows awakening or just a much higher level in the final war or something like that, it simply meant he was being sidelined for whatever took precedence on Egghead.
Aye I have big hopes for awakening as it's the perfect chance to make things right. We would be able to compare base Kizaru vs Awakened Kizaru
Well they coming to stop the message more than fight luffy .
So let say that saturn stay there to keep luffy busy the issue is who stopping the other 4 from fucking up egghead and stopping VP message.
Assuming they’re all stronger than the admirals nobody will be able to stop them once they actually arrive to the island

It’s either
  1. They don’t arrive
  2. They end up leaving and having kizaru deal with it
  3. They’re not as strong as people think
Considering how Oda presented Kizaru throughout the series it is indeed dropping the ball

It's fine if Luffy is superior as the admirals as villians are destined to lose but at least make it interesting and not a one sided stomp for someone who's had a big presense as a character for over a decade

Even something small like Kizaru landing the eye beams would work, having Luffy dodge it has zero upsides
Agenda says it is okay to clown Kizaru. Then it is OK to clown him. Forget about the story and characters.
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