How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Sasaki Kojirō

The gorosei didn't give a shit about that.
And you think the agents showed up in Wano at whose request? Lol Just accept that the Goroseis aren't all that man...

They shit their pants out of fear of Kaidou's fury, they wanted wano in their possession but they never got it, they would try to "acquire wano" while Kaidou was at war with the entire alliance, that is, they need to use cowardly tactics, afraid of causing Kaidou's fury, they were like dogs crying to Orochi for weapons, they shit themselves at the mention of Whitebeard and Shanks meeting and there must be a lot more L of them, I mean look at how Saturn failed to kill the child Kuma, blackmailed by Doflamingo.

Don't step on the gas with Saturn which possibly has a trick, the guy got FUCKED by Kuma using basic COA. LOL
Stabbed by Bonney who didn't even use Basic Haki.
If these are the guys who supposedly took out joyboy why can't I even entertain Luffy getting captured.

Imu must have put on a 2018 LeBron performance 800 years ago.
Big Mom was the "main antagonist" of WCI who did in fact receive the majority of focus as the villain there, yet did not lose in that arc. Katakuri was a "major antagonist" who lost in WCI after only being introduced properly 30 chapters beforehand

So what is your point here?
If all you are saying is that Kizaru is going to be definitively defeated in this arc, then that's fine, I think I agree with you there.
This is Vegapunk speaking: Nika please, if you want to defeat Kizaru and Saturn make sure they end up in the ocean. Just dip your giant arms in the water instead of throwing the goes randomly in to safety on boats.

Saturn and his summonings reminds me so much of the first time Orochimaru summoned Edo Tensei. Even the Hokage wondered how you defeat beings like that who doesn't take damage. And the worry about the new summonings (fourth Hokage) was similar to how Sanji worries now about new Gorosei.

I also smell a power up coming. Luffy is the #1 battle genius in the series bar none. Make him fight impossible opponents for a set amount of time and he will figure you out and demonstrate a power up

- Crocs Logia
- Enels mantra
- CP9s Soru
- Katakuris Future Sight
- Kaidos AdCoC
- Goroseis "immortality"/regen
all it took to take down kaido ? Kaido have the priveledge of fighting a much weaker luffy . Kizaru would have killed that luffy 10 times too . Wtf this prove ? Kaido is not beating gear 5 joyboy Nika he said it himself .
Kaido was beating the hell out of luffy even in Gear 5 .
He end trying over power luffy and lost but before that he was hit him back hit for hit .
Something it seem that Kizaru can't do to vs gear 5 luffy if he get taken down by WSG and now he on ship and Saturn get back to luffy before him .
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