How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Conejo Blanco
This is a dogshit chapter for Kizaru, no point coping here.
Anyone thinking he's done is brainded though, if that was this easy he would've stayed down from WSG
It's getting pretty frustrating now ngl
A fight with a strong character like Kizaru that was built up for over a decade should never be one sided like this especially in a 2v1

I really hope he kicks it into high gear here soon like Kaido did but with all 5 gorosei here I'm not sure how much longer the fight will last
We are finally seeing the true power of Yonko Luffy:steef:
Luffy not thinking about Kizaru while dodging and swatting him away is a good payback for Sabaody. Luffy has come a long way man.

Now I understand why the WG needed all the admirals, fleet admiral, warlords and 100,000 marines to fight a single yonko fleet:steef:

All Gorosei coming in heightens the tension even more. No way Luffy can handle six powerful all at once. Warra chapter
Is it though? If he summons all 5, how is Luffy fighting Saturn specifically?

Kizaru on the other hand, story wise, may just end up losing. It depends on what the AR gets used for, which may have a means of holding back the Gorosei temporarily..
Saturn summoned the other gorosei to kill luffy not to "protect his life". If he was afraid of that he would just go away, instead of attacking them

Saturn thinks Kizaru is incompetent to kill luffy is the only English way reading this scene im sry
Unfortunately for Tashigi's rival (Zoro), he won't be part of the party... Lucci is much too tough!

But we need to respect this feat, our bro Lucci was able to fight Nika for a few seconds :quest:
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