How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Yep, ive speculated he might die sacrificing himself to save Bonney/Kuma/Sentomaru from their fates as atonement. And he may in that case be killed by the Gorosei for said failure. Now what happens between now and then I have no idea, but I think Kizaru is def a tragic character for sure
I've also believed that Oda was planning to remove Kizaru from the story during this arc, I just didn't know if that meant killing him off or removing him in another way.

At this point, I'm starting to slowly believe that Oda might be planning to kill off Kizaru during this arc.

And as for Saturn, he might end up surviving.


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I doubt they're already here. It's true that Saturn arrived instantly but he was significantly closer to Egghead unlike the Gorosei who are all the way in Mary Geoise

I have no idea how Luffy would get out of this situation if all 5 instantly arrive lol
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He still did what he was commanded to do? You can get things done while not liking what you're doing lol, and Kizaru's whole thing is unclear justice to begin with
Some people have been pushing he not trying whole damn arc to point they say he give luffy food.
yes we can all see that Kizaru is conflicted and don't like they orders but man still trying his best to get them done .
It like people think you can't try your best when you conflicted which not case.
Kizaru pull out his beam sword chop kuma and bonney in two and you what to say oh that him not really trying is what some going with lol .
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