How long will these 10 minutes take?

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No, but there are still options left, like, you know, ACOC and ACOA destroying them from inside. I also don't buy them being totally immune to everything except a device that only exists in Egghead and Kizaru being able to be defeated only with that device because nothing can touch him anymore.
That's better than saying franky will use it to fight Kizaru LMAO
Does agenda piece still exist in these dark times? :snoopy:
Only agenda based on facts are safe. Agenda without facts are doomed like kidd, law, admirals, sanji. Zoro~oden is fact so oda treat him as such, luffy being yonko level is fact so oda treat him as such. admiral~yonko is delusion so oda had admiral get low diffed by yonko, admiral are glorified yc1 is fact so oda dont mind marco going toe to toe with admiral.
Not really similar logic

King didn’t actually have better defense than Kaido. He just had better innate durability. But Kaido had FS, ACoC, and was beating the hell out of G5 Luffy before bajrang gun.

If Kaido was as serious against Zoro as he was against G5 Luffy, none of Zoro’s attacks would have landed.

Meanwhile right now there’s no reason to think Kizaru isn’t fighting seriously. The guy is Saturn’s pawn. He killed VP and he was even going to murder Bonney.
Technically Kizaru can’t commit murder. It’s only murder if it’s illegal
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