How long will these 10 minutes take?

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@Elder Lee Hung @Kurozumi Wiwi @MarineHQ @TheKnightOfTheSea @SakazOuki

Btw, it seems like Kizaru is saying that he's not at full power when Luffy is spinning him like a pizza.

Troll dialect as well.

This isn't a case of "wait for the raws", it's a case of "wait for the dialogue" lol
Ruh Roh @Doritos looks like Wizaru doesn’t give a fuck
That's Luffy talking, admiral agenda has fallen down so hard that they forgot how to read panels :kobeha:
Oda hasn't forgotten how to draw damage. In this chapter he for whatever weird reason has decided to turn Lanji into a bloody mess. Saturn was bleeding all over the place against Kuma's and Luffy's attacks.

That Kizaru shows no lasting damage is enough argument for me to say he'll easily come back. Just killed VP. He gets a time out.
Physical damages are one thing, but let's see if Wizaru will be able to handle the emotional damage

this might be interesting, so the volcanic eruptions made a hold under onigashima, will it ruin the sweet water preserving old wano buildings or trigger pluton or something?
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