How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Yeah. Why not? They control media. Who would believe a bunch of pirates.
I am not talking about people believing them i am talking them show up at wano and telling all pirates they there that they after luffy and pirates would let them do what they want on either side.
They would get jump by both sides for differnt reason so even if they top tier all 5 of them not taking on everyone there .
We saw how it ended, barely any damage to two admirals while the other won his fight and killed Ace as well, while Garp and Swngoku barely did anything, you think fucking stall man Bumco couldve won his fight? Jozu that was being toyed by Doffy which later aokiji couldve neg diffed if he chose to? Cmon, come with something better.
Your headcanon isn't above what the manga tells us dude, no matter how much you don't like it, it's directly said in the manga that the WBP could defeat the Marines + Shichibukai.
i don't get why luffy doesn't just pitch the gorosei into the ocean, hes big enough and its clearly a better option then allowing the guy to continue to take no damage now he has to fight possibly 5 of them like him
I love how when Luffy does something, instead of upscaling him, people just downplay the character he fights and upscale any other yonko.

Luffy neg Lucci and people said even zoro would do it because he is weak

Now suddenly Kizaru is yc+ and all other yonkos except Luffy >> admirals
thats true. but i doubt it will get to that point, i expected imu to blow up the island but like all 5 being there that seems not possible now.
Say for some reason Saturn falls (either to Luffy or circumstances like imu not tolerating failure possibly) Devon getting his face could have huge ramifications with the door being opened by the strawhats, that’s much in like for how Blackbeard works
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