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Sasaki Kojirō

People who are thinking that Kizaru is the "worst" of the admirals need a reality check, there's no good admiral, they were all literally crushed by Oda.

Aokiji: Subordinate of Blackbeard, a Yonko, and was getting beaten up by Old Garp, needed almost all of Blackbeard's commanders + numerical advantage to bring Garp down while taking a beating in the process.

Green Bull: Humiliated by Shanks who used Haki-Wifi from kilometers away, Yamato repeatedly said that it was just a matter of calling Luffy and Luffy would defeat him, literally only decided to step foot in Wano when Kaido fell, admitted to fearing Kaido and being weaker than him.

Fujitora: Believe it or not, he's the best of them all, however, during Dressrosa, Luffy was equalizing with him and marking him, Doflamingo believed he could kill him (while trembling at the mention of Kaido's name), needed help to capture Law, did so alongside Doffy and according to Doflamingo, Fujitora was not holding back to capture Law during Dressrosa, tied a fight with Sabo with a newly acquired fruit, couldn't defeat any revolutionary during the Reverie (it's not implicit whether the injuries he obtained were because of his fight against Green Bull or against Karasu), Jack sank 3 of his ships in a naval battle.

Kizaru: Failed to capture all the Supernovas at Sabaody, was stopped and superficially injured by old Rayleigh who hadn't seen a sword in decades, furthermore, was literally humiliated by old Rayleigh who literally claimed that in his prime he could face Kizaru while helping the SHs escape, in Marineford needed distraction + help to defeat Marco, up until then if their fight had reached a stalemate, failed to knock pre-ts Luffy out in Marineford, failed to knock out and defeat some of Whitebeard's commanders, was going to kill himself in Wano against Kaido, and now this mountain of L in EGG...

Akainu in Marineford was facing a Whitebeard who:

1. Was old
2. Was sick

3. His strength was diminishing as time passed in Marineford.

4. Had already been pierced by Squard before.
5. Haki impaired, Marco implies this by saying that Whitebeard used to be able to foresee attacks no matter where they came from, even if it was right under his nose. However, in Marineford, this ability of Whitebeard was not demonstrated, and the blame for this was attributed to his illness and its progression.

Even after all these disadvantages, Whitebeard was seen:

1. Ignoring Akainu and not paying attention to him.
2. Easily blocking Akainu's attacks; Akainu couldn't even touch Whitebeard even after all these disadvantages.
3. Akainu only managed to hit him due to the heart attack.
4. Whitebeard was holding back against Akainu, and Sengoku mentioned this after Ace's rescue. However, an enraged and severely injured Whitebeard still beats Akainu.

Akainu sucked Whitebeard's balls:

Shit in front of Shanks:

Canonically, he is weaker than Kaido to the extent that Oda himself stated this in an SBS.

Sakabozo feats:

  • Killing Ace nerfed, Garp was wondering if he was alive in ID, he was so injured and tired, Ace had to sacrifice himself.
  • Hitting Jimbei on his back who was carrying Luffy, Jimbei who was severely nerfed as seen in ID in which he was next to Ace totally injured by the multiple torture sessions he suffered, and even had to fight his way out of prison after that.

  • Completely stopped by the fodder of the WB pirates, he was not even shot by Whitebeard's commanders with the exception of Curiel who survived the fight.
  • Stopped by Marco and Vista, and then just by Vista. And other L's that Sakabozo has. LMAO

Personally I still believe Kizaru's stocks are fine in terms of an actual battle. If you think about this, objectively all 5 Gorosei wont lose, but 1 Admiral should lose by virtue then here if he's already getting rocked. The question becomes if Kizaru will actually start fighting seriously with new moves.
I think all Gorosei coming might work in our favour in the long run. They will definitely square off against the Irong Giant, Dory and Brogy at this point probably after clapping Luffy's cheeks 5v1.
Nahh, no one loses here except Strawhats; they are going to run for their lives.

5 gorosei + admiral is a force never seen before; there is no chance they are doing anything to that (tbf, i thought Luffy would get tossed around by Kizaru and Saturn, oh boy, i was wrong)
Kizaru is already losing lol. Saturn on the otherhand re-appears undamaged and there are 4 more like him.

There is still absolutely potential for Luffy to defeat Kizaru appropriately before the arc's end, especially if we consider the Ancient Robot and what it might do.
Personally I still believe Kizaru's stocks are fine in terms of an actual battle. If you think about this, objectively all 5 Gorosei wont lose, but 1 Admiral should lose by virtue then here if he's already getting rocked. The question becomes if Kizaru will actually start fighting seriously with new moves.
Nah im tired Defende him, just luffy op, we Will see maybe with bb epic fight, now just luffy center.
Kizaru hasn't even used basic hardening if we're only judging haki and visuals.

Kizaru's kick was powerful enough to send Luffy flying to another dimension, his kicks have never been potent for dealing damage but it showcases the force behind them is powerful enough to send Luffy flying further than any Yonkou he came across and they were known as physical beasts.

Where Kizaru has always done real damage is his lethality, and who has he even used his light sword against? The closest thing we got was a clone, Kizaru wasn't even present in that scenario. That was disrespectful on his part if anything, that alone showed us an attack that could do critical damage to G5, but Kizaru himself wasn't shown fighting G5 with it.
His flying backwards has nothing to do with power, his acceleration was enough to do it, are you skipping physics lessons? Also, when kizaru hits luffy, it looks like he has haki on his leg.


Either way whoever is stronger, it’s still gotta be a match to the death for all OG Yonkos facing each other save for Teach until he gets his 3rd DF.

Admirals are just pancake-diff material.
Embarassing, but we still need to see the others.

Akainu and aokiji could be impressive, even tho garp was embarassed by teach's underlings


The only one who can beat me is me
Katakuri vs Luffy was the only battle when people weren't even sure if Luffy would win or not.
Oda put his heart and soul into drawing that fight, he went above and beyond his normal effort. There was actually a lot of thought put into the abilities and the panel structure.

Even against Kaidou save for 1 chapter (g2/3 vs drunk Kaidou), the rest of that fight was a brainless slugfest.
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