How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Lmao Ladmiral fans in shambles. :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

First denied Aokiji being underling to Teach then denied Elders might be on Admiral level, they could be even stronger.

She might be above Shanks given their bounty reveals and her insane tankiness, but it’s an extreme-diff for Shanks most likely (Kaido is stronger than both for sure). She’s definitely above current Teach and his Commanders too since he went high-diff with Law who didn’t even use Puncture Wille on him. This Law that BM herself would mid-diff.
Rayleigh's superior Teach isn't stronger than BM? Too much Teach lowballing clown.

Lmao what highdiff? Teach was holding back vs Law, while BM was going all out by sacrificing 1 year and stealing Beast pirates soul. That wasn't 1 v 2 since BM was feed on Beast pirates soul.

Teach was holding back vs Law.

BM going all out by stealing Beast pirates soul and sacrificing 1 year:

And Law is stronger after Wano with his Advance Haki, and BM had to postpone vs Marco alone asked Perospero help, Teach stomped WB pirates by himself, not only Marco alone.

Law had to take 10 armament punches from all out giant Big mom to use Puncture Wille on her, Teach wouldn't let that happen, 1 punch from Teach and it would be over, silly argument lmao.

Puncture Wille isn't > Shock Wille. Its 2 different attacks.

Puncture Wille requires charging time take damage while using it, it takes time. Shock Wille isn't.

Puncture Wille is more powerful only if Law can take the damage, he isn't taking that many hits from Teach. Its similar to Kid's Damned Punk and Punk Clash attack differents, Damned Punk is stronger attack but it requires charging time like Puncture Wille, someone can finish Kid while he is charging Damned Punk, different attacks.

Teach > BM for sure.
I joked about it earlier, but One Piece is starting to feel like those self insert manwhas where the protagonist is broken and every other main character feels like fodder.
After 1 on arc come one now .
The luffy now come off getting the worst beating he get in the manga .
4 KOs and 3 power ups to beat some one if he can't show off now for a while what is damn point of all of that .
Plus we near end of the manga and he most likely only have 2 full fight the most left and not the super underdog any more.
Won’t know what to make of this chapter till next week

Luffy temporarily 1v2ing Kizaru and Saturn was fine because Shiki did the same thing to Garp and Sengoku who should be stronger than who Luffy is fighting

If Luffy successfully pulls off a 5-6 v 1 Idek what to say

Realistically he won’t since Dorry and Brogy are on the way + the Ancient Giant is a factor but still


We haven't even seen the war you cite as an example lmao
It definitely not "too stretch" but I highly doubt they are going to let Luffy/Nika roam free. Big Mom was targeting the ship, while Gorosei members will target massage and Nika.

Even with help, imo there is 0 chance they let Luffy go fight a huge ass fight with admiral
Again, "Nika" isnt their priority and hasnt been at all. Even when Luffy held a seige and Saturn knew he was there he ordered Kizaru to kill Vegapunk and secure the Mother Flame factory lol.

This why virtually all attacks have been against Vegapunk (and Bonney after she stabbed Saturn), and not Luffy or anyone else.
Luffy getting captured = all-out war with marines/wg. I give 0 chance of last war starting like this and this early.
Depends on whether he stays captured that long. It might just be for a little while. Especially if BB decides to go after Fishman Island and Wano in search of the Ancient Weapons. Without Luffy there to interfere.
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