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Lucci tells Zoro that he feels an intriguing Haki. He's curious to check it out but he's still fighting Zoro.

Jinbei is speaking with Sanji via den-den mushi. Jinbei sees Zoro and Lucci still fighting and tells it to Sanji.

Sanji makes some snide remarks and calls zoro a "deadweight".

Zoro hears this and is clearly pissed.

Lucci uses the technique Shigan Madara the technique he used against Luffy in Enies Lobby but didn't hit. Zoro dodges and uses a new technique. Three Sword Style - Hahava Leopard Hunter This is not a "King of Hell" technique. It's base Three Sword Style.

(Hahava is one of the Eight Cold Hells in Buddhism)
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