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If i see another person say Greenbull is weaker im losing it
Greenbull said "Ouch" to advcoc
Kizaru on the other hand.........
I still believe he'll make comeback tho
green bull sarcastically saying "ouch" to a non-acoc strike (there is zero evidence yamato can use acoc) and not bleeding a drop or showing any damage > lizaru sleeping for 10 minutes after every hit
This is the same guy who said “Kizaru tries every trick in the book but can’t hit Luffy” last week when all he did was fire some eye beams.

If Zoro low diff’d him he would say so, the reality is that Zoro needed ACOC and a big attack.
The same as Kaido (TB ACoC attack)vs Luffy (YC1) The same as Shanks (divine departure ACoC) vs Kid (YC1). The haters better hope Zoro uses a ACoC/KoH technique and not something with less power.
Given that Gorosei was mentioning how the barrier was protecting them, they will probably order Kizaru to go, and there are Jinbei and Zoro there.

Jinbei + Zoro vs. Kizaru? (admiralturds...)
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