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Should we open the chapter discussion thread for the iffy translation?

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Lizaru and Lanji fangirls going to be real quiet hahahah

Zoro one shot lucci and everyone thought Lanji was actually going to do something against an admiral or gorosei, no4 exactly playi no to his role being unable to protect the person he was told to guard, what a bum.
Lizarufans are trying to slide over to the elder and zoro hype like they wasn’t just pushing kizaru>elders kaido a couple of weeks ago 😭
Also for @EmperorKinyagi linyagi my kanji under my name that’s been there for months is actually “King of Curses” and you say I’m a Gojo Stan 🤣
I'll never forget just casually viewing the OP spoiler thread and seeing mfs shout about Gojo dying out of the blue :suresure:
I ain't even read/watch JJK and I was still hearing about Gojo getting packed up casually :kobeha:
Poor guy.
Not open for further replies.